Konami Wants To Publish More Western-Developed Games

Konami has expressed an interest By publishing matches by programmers that are Western. This new initiative started on June 3 with the launch of Skelattack, an indie platformer developed by Californian studio Ukuza. But, Konami does not only wish to release western Cartoon games–that the studio has voiced interest in advanced games”regardless of size”

I think For is comparable across all IP regardless of dimensions. A few of those standards become amplified with all the jobs that are smaller. I am thinking of individuals and teams which are pushing genres in ways that are fresh, or coming up with something unique.

There is so much happening in this booming indie scene in the moment I think that it’s only natural that we are taking a look at small groups and tiny titles, in addition to some other titles.”

Even though Konami has just gone public with this drive for Western IPs that were new, The studio was planning this”for months,” states Jones.

In the Second, Konami is especially looking”at brief and mid-term titles That require printing and funding service” with a focus on matches Being developed in Europe awarded the time zone gap that was severe in Contrast to South and North America.

Diana Guerrero

Diana Guerrero

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