Future Games Show Has Been Postponed To June 13

The Future Games Show Will take place in the date of Saturday, June 13 at 2PM PT / 5PM ET / 10PM BST in service of their protests demanding justice and shift within the passing of George Floyd in the hands of law enforcement.

Even though We all regret to announce that the date’ll be shifting, it is correct that voices have been heard right now. Our sister website PC Gamer has declared the PC Gaming Display will be postponed until Saturday.

The two Displays were due to take place on Saturday. We stay excited to split deep-dives about the future of gambling, the shows, developer interviews, and roundtables .

While we are all eager to bring you our Future Games Show, we Feel it is very important to leave space for conversations that are significant At this time. This can be a period for our business Black Lives Issue motion, and we are proud to achieve that.”

Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez

Victor works as the Researcher at Yerry Payapo. He likes to find the latest gaming news from all around the world.

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