October 17, 2020

Crystal Dynamics Starts Hiring For New AAA Title

The game has received a great deal of marketing, also has proved somewhat controversial due to the live service character. While developer Crystal Dynamics was receptive to complaints, promising to fix things such as the Hive loot bug, it hasn’t been idle on non-Avengers (probably) jobs either.

According to its job postings, Crystal Dynamics is looking for an As made clear by the many position openings listed on its site; Crystal Dynamics is hiring for a brand new AAA name project.

This is somewhat surprising because the company recently published Marvel’s Avengers, slated for continuing live service support.

There is some speculation that the new rankings may be to help with Marvel’s Avengers DLC. Nevertheless, the essence of the places open suggests the game in question can have a distinct focus.

Popular shows under its belt comprise Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain, in addition to the less successful Gex. That is why players can perk their ears up in the news that Crystal Dynamics is hiring for a new job. A Multiplayer systems programmer and an online services engineer, one of the other online multiplayer necessary positions.

That could cover many games, although Destiny two and possibly Call of Duty come to mind immediately.

The enthusiast made Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver remaster. Only time will tell what Crystal Dynamics has in store and what it will mean for those who purchased Marvel’s Avengers.

There’s a chance that the new job opportunities were due to layoffs. Last year Activision Blizzard fired nearly 800 workers despite having a”record year.” This probably isn’t the case for Crystal Dynamics, but it will behoove players to keep their ears open.

Diana Guerrero

Diana Guerrero

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