Bloodborne Remaster Also Coming To PS5

There’s been no lack of Bloodborne-associated rumours since- well, pretty much provided that Bloodborne been a thing. Recently, these rumours have been given renewed life, with multiple insiders and leakers supposedly teasing that that a PC version of the game was on the way. If those rumours are true, PC might not be the sole brand new platform FromSoftware’s seminal masterpiece may be led to.

Over on Twitter, Sloth Mom — who was the Person Who kicked off the recent flurry of reports about a Bloodborne PC Port — has said that a PS5 remaster of this game is also in development. Apparently, FromSoftware aren’t those managing this remaster (which makes sense), but the developer that is working on it’s apparently one which Sloth Mom has”a large quantity of faith in” thanks to”other games they have ported.” That doesn’t narrow the pool down but it’s an intriguing note.

Another thing that’s interesting is that Bloodborne’s PS5 and PC remaster was originally going to be declared by Sony at the PS5 games showcase on June 4, that was finally postponed due to the Black Lives Matter protests at the United States.

As is always true for leaks and rumours, take this one with a grain of salt, not because this is Bloodborne we’re talking about, that has been the focus of a fantastic many fakeout leaks in the past. Either way, Sony have stated that they’ll be sharing a fresh date for the delayed PS5 event shortly , which means it cannot be too far off, so 1 way or another, we will know for sure exactly how much truth there is to all of this Bloodborne talk.

Wesley Brock

Wesley Brock

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